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4 min readJun 9, 2021

Beyond Blockchain #1 — Why Enterprises are Implementing Blockchain Solutions

Enterprise adoption of blockchain solutions has advanced rapidly in recent years. Smaller companies have been aggressively investing in blockchain solutions in an attempt to secure a competitive edge.

At the same time, larger corporates have been launching private blockchain solutions that have allowed entities to tap into the broad benefits of blockchain technology. Ernst and Young, IBM, and Microsoft rank among the corporations providing such solutions.

However, implementing the appropriate blockchain solutions for your enterprise is not a straightforward task. There are a myriad of technical solutions to choose from with each having varying tradeoffs.

Moreover, not every enterprise problem is suited to a blockchain solution. Implementing an incorrect solution or attempting to fit blockchain into an area where it will not fit will only serve to raise costs and waste time.

Move Digital is running an advisory company to help enterprises of various sizes navigate the waters of the blockchain world. Move Digital’s expert team has been operating at the frontier of blockchain technology for several years and can assist enterprises in versatile ways.

Move Digital has helped enterprises identify key bottlenecks in their operations. By addressing the applicable bottlenecks with blockchain solutions, Move Digital has helped enterprises improve efficiency and security. Move Digital is positioning itself to be the leading advisory company for streamlining and ensuring effective enterprise blockchain implementation.

Move Digital will also be releasing a regular newsletter every two weeks. The Beyond Blockchain series will cover the latest developments in the field of enterprise blockchain.

Beyond Blockchain will mainly be targeted towards enterprises seeking to introduce distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions into their activities. Such implementation can radically improve efficiency and security but correctly executing on a well-researched strategy is critical. Move Digital and the Beyond Blockchain series will help enterprises implement and execute such well-researched DLT strategies.

Move Digital is led by an expert team with years of experience on the frontier of innovation in the blockchain field. Move Digital founder and CEO Kristof Schöffling, regularly featured on Bloomberg and Yahoo, has helped a myriad of enterprises implement DLT solutions that have improved efficiency and security. Kristof Schöffling is a serial entrepreneur that has founded and scaled several very well known enterprises with millions of users in the online space. In recent years, Kristof Schoeffling has been exclusively focused on helping enterprises identify suitable DLT solutions to address their bottlenecks. Before venturing full-time into the DLT space, Kristof Schoeffling built and lucratively exited enterprises in the niches of online gaming and data acquisition.

Why Move Digital

Before 2016, blockchain was mostly considered to be a network that can solely be used to facilitate the decentralized transition of value via cryptocurrency networks. The majority of these cryptocurrency networks reached consensus through proof-of-work (PoW) algorithms. PoW are extremely energy intensive and often do not align with the environmentally conscious imperatives of modern-day enterprises. Today, the Bitcoin network alone consumes as much energy as the United Arabs Emirates.

However, there has been significant advancement in the field of blockchain since these early years. Enterprises have a variety of tools at their disposal and can decide to choose non-energy intensive consensus algorithms. Move Digital founders have been working closely with enterprises to help them launch blockchain initiatives that align with their mission.

Introducing DLT solutions can help enterprises radically improve their efficiency and security. Having databases stored among a distributed architecture of nodes allows enterprises to eradicate single points of failure. Individual server shutdowns no longer become a critical issue. A greater degree of security is also embedded into company data. Manipulating company data becomes vastly more difficult and costly.

Operations can also become more efficient. DLT can help improve operations and reduce costs in many areas. In 2016, it was estimated that blockchain technology would reduce the costs of enterprises by roughly $20 billion by 2022. Move Digital has helped enterprises implement blockchain solutions that improve processes surrounding supply chain, digital payments, digital security, and digital identity.

Introducing Beyond Blockchain Series

Beyond Blockchain will be a fortnightly series that dives into some of the topics detailed above. The series will review the latest developments in enterprise blockchain while also considering the tools and possibilities at their disposal. Readers can expect to receive regular updates on the world of enterprise blockchain and will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the overall field.

The world of DLT provides attractive opportunities to enterprises that are willing to take the time and effort to implement the technology in the correct manner. Move Digital helps guide enterprises through this process. Enterprises that have worked with Move Digital have radically reduced their costs and have employed more comprehensive security.

About Move Digital

Move Digital is a distributed ledger technology advisory company that works with enterprises of various sizes. Led by veterans of the blockchain industry, Move Digital helps enterprises identify key bottlenecks in their operations and implement the appropriate solutions to address such inefficiencies. Move Digital has helped enterprises improve their processes in areas including supply chain, digital payments, digital identity, and security.

If you’re considering blockchain solutions for your enterprise, feel free to send us an email.