Industries Building The Future on DLT

Beyond Blockchain #2 — Airlines Could Get Fueled 100x Faster as Blockchain Adoption Accelerates

In 2015, Bob Greifeld, then Chief Executive of Nasdaq, described blockchain as the “biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.” Almost six years have passed since then and we are still only scratching the surface when it comes to discovering the potential embedded in blockchain networks and distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems.

Nueva Pescanova used IBM’s blockchain for food traceability

Nueva Pescanova is a Spanish fishing firm with seventeen factories delivering fishing produce to over 80 countries across the globe. It accounts for roughly 62,000 tonnes of fish deliveries annually and has moved to increase product traceability by partnering with IBM’s blockchain division.

Global COVID certificate network launches to streamline “vaccine passports”

87% of consumers in a recent survey voted in favor of a mandatory “vaccine passport” for international travel. Over time, putting these certificates on the blockchain will bring benefits such as greater privacy and a reduction in the amount of data that needs to be shared.

Gazpromneft debuts blockchain-based smart fueling system for airplanes

Gazpromneft has finally market launched a blockchain-based solution that will help airlines refuel their fleets within the shortest possible time. Instead of maintaining entire offices to handle airline refueling invoices, Gazpromneft’s solution includes a blockchain-based payments system.

Who’s Investing in Blockchain?

UNICEF invests $300k in blockchain startups — The UNICEF Innovation Fund invested in three new blockchain startups that are working towards open-source financial technology in emerging markets. Among the recipients, Nepal-based Rahat stands out for its novel blockchain-based platform for distributing aid to victims of natural disasters. Rahat facilitates the distribution of relief fund tokens to victims, allowing them to redeem it for aid materials at participating local stores. Other startup recipients of the funding initiative include Leaf Global (Rwanda) and Xcapit (Argentina). Both are working on blockchain wallet solutions. Leaf Global’s wallet allows for near instant fund transfer in multiple currencies while Xcapit’s AI and blockchain-powered app is imbibing financial education and savings culture in young users.

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As this series of Beyond Blockchain has highlighted, DLT solutions can simplify business processes, provide increased transparency, and restore consumer confidence. There has been no shortage of investment into the space, and the last few weeks were no exception.

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