Bridging Borders With Blockchain

Beyond Blockchain #6: Europe, South America and Asia Make Bold Blockchain Moves

Ernst & Young records “near-real-time tax compliance” using blockchain

Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young announced the successful trial of a blockchain-based cross-border tax compliance solution called TaxGrid. The solution uses blockchain to build a ‘shared record book’ that tax agencies and financial intermediaries can use to track dividend income at the source.

IBM puts Renewable Energy Certificates on Blockchain

Many organizations are using renewable energy certificates (RECs) to calculate their carbon footprint and ensure more accurate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting. However, the process of trading these certificates is costly, dominated by intermediaries, and with little to no visibility into transaction records.

UK Fashion Industry taps Blockchain to promote transparency

The UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) is at the centre of a blockchain-based solution that seeks to encourage retailers to abide by responsible practices while giving consumers insight into the environmental impact of their purchases.

Argentine Farmers to Trial Blockchain-based Digital Identity System

In South America, the Argentinian blockchain and digital identity DIDI Project is launching two new initiatives for rural farmers in the Gran Chaco and Mar del Plata regions. The first project in Gran Chaco will use a blockchain-based mobile app, “ai di”, to allow farmers to receive credentials that confirm their adherence to sustainable practices. Farmers can also store both civic and economic credentials and those that meet industry standards will get access to financial credit for their operations.

Indian Government Uses Blockchain to Certify and Provide Incentives for Startups

India’s department for promotion of industry and internal trade (DPIIT) has developed and issued blockchain-based certificates to startups vying for financing, tax exemptions, and other growth incentives.

Who is Investing in Blockchain?

Naver and Softbank Bets $25M on Telecom Blockchain Startup, TBCASoft: U.S.-based blockchain startup, TBCASoft, concluded its Series B financing round last week. The company raised $20 million from Naver Financial and an additional $5 million from earlier investor SoftBank. The startup’s primary product is HIVEX, a mobile payment solution that uses QR codes. Customers can pay their mobile carrier bills from anywhere in the world, with carriers relying on blockchain to enable real-time reconciliation.

Level Up Your Business Operations With DLT

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