Asian and UK Enterprises Ramp Up Blockchain Adoption

Beyond Blockchain #7: Companies tied to cars, plastics, and solar panels manufacturing move towards DLT adoption

Car Manufacturer MG to Store Driving Data for New Cars on Blockchain

MG is a car manufacturing outlet owned by multi-billion dollar Chinese automobile company SAIC. MG is planning the release of its new SUV car model, MG Astor, which will be commercialized in India. The new model will include a simple blockchain-based solution for recording driving data in a digital passport.

Japan’s Marubeni Employs Blockchain to Tackle Illegal Dumping of Solar Panels

Tokyo-headquartered Marubeni Corporation is one of the largest power projects and infrastructure companies in Japan. Marubeni collaborated with Next Energy and the Japanese Ministry of Environment for a pilot project that incorporated blockchain technology.

IBM Japan and Mitsubishi Will Use Blockchain to Lower Carbon Footprint

IBM Japan announced a new partnership with Mitsubishi Heavy Technologies for a new blockchain-based solution called CO2NNEX. The solution uses blockchain technology to monitor the capture and reuse of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

TotalEnergies to Save on Taxes by Using Blockchain to Monitor Plastic Recycling

Energy company TotalEnergies (formerly known as Total) is among the many companies struggling to meet the new and stricter regulations imposed by UK authorities regarding plastic recycling. The company produces fuel, natural gas, lubricants, and other special fluids often sold using plastic containers.

Mosaic Insurance Partners DXC for DLT-based Insurance Technology Solution

Lloyd’s insurance syndicate partner Mosaic Insurance teamed up with DXC (previously Hewlett Packard Enterprise) to roll out a new insurance technology solution that uses blockchain, machine learning, and AI to underwrite specialty insurance risks.The use of blockchain will allow for collated data to be shared instantly between insurance brokers, syndicates, regulators, and reinsurers.

Who’s Investing in Blockchain?

New York Community Bank Invests in blockchain startup, Figure: New York Community Bank (NYCB) has become the latest community bank to invest in provenance blockchain startup Figure. The bank will use the startup’s blockchain to improve its mortgage business, increase financial inclusion, and offer faster payments to customers. As part of the partnership, both partners will also invest in the JAM FINTOP Blockchain Fund, which targets the deployment of blockchain infrastructure and business.

Improve Your Business Operations. Find Out How Blockchain Can Help

At Move Digital, our mission is to help enterprises innovate with blockchain technology. By evaluating your company’s objectives, our team of experts can find key areas where DLT adoption can save costs and make your business operations highly efficient. If you need help with defining or executing a blockchain strategy, feel free to send us an email.



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